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Upcoming Events – May & June

Despite not being able to conduct in-person events at the moment there is a whole host of events happening online. Check them out below!


How to use neuroscience to ensure your low carbon business thrives I 11/05/2021, 10:00 – 12:00

Online event – exclusive to Oxfordshire Greentech and Cambridge Cleantech members

Unlock the secrets used by top companies to reach more customers and achieve better return on investment. This workshop will show you how the most impactful business development strategies rely on simple principles of neuroscience and behavioural economics.

It will show you how you can apply the science of why people buy to transform your business development. Not only does this approach ensure that sustainable businesses are the most successful ones, it ensures that you maximise the value of your digital carbon footprint.

OxLEP Business webinar: Resources for Innovation at Begbroke and the University of Oxford I 11/05/2021, 10:00 – 11:30

Locating the right help and resources for innovating can be challenging. Oxfordshire is however home to an amazing range of organisations willing to collaborate on innovation and often with resources to offer qualifying SMEs.

This OxLEP Business briefing will explore some of the help available at the University of Oxford’s Begbroke Science Park, including the rapid prototyping equipment, the Oxford Materials Characterisation Service and the facilities available at the Agile Lab.

The Future Focus Series: Fresh thoughts on environment and innovation I 12/05/2021, 07:45-09:30

 Join us at 7.45 for coffee and networking before the presentations and Q&A 8-9am, followed by more networking until 9.30.

Whenever the issue of our future relationship with the planet’s environment is raised, the responses are often well-meaning but cover the same old ground. Wind turbines, less plastic packaging, carbon off-setting for example. They may be part of the answer, but as we edge closer to the point of no return, the world urgently needs fresh ideas with greater impact.

Led by OG Founder Member, Taylor Vinters law firm, our Future Focus series highlights the innovative thinking and business practices that will tackle the world’s greatest challenges. In our first series of three virtual breakfasts, we will be discussing how purpose-led businesses can make a tangible impact in eco-innovation.

How to get local press coverage for your social impact organisation I 12/05/2021, 10:00-11:30

Understand how you can simply and effectively use local media to support the work of your community organisation in Oxfordshire.

In this workshop we will cover the essentials of getting local media coverage for your organisation, project or community campaign in Oxfordshire. You don’t need to be a communications professional, have paid staff, or loads of experience to get local media coverage. Understanding how local media works, what sorts of stories they will publish and how to put your story out there can go a long way!

Energy in your communities, what’s possible? I 12/05/2021, 19:30-21:00

The Energy Collaborate is being relaunched in a collaboration between CAG and Low Carbon Hub. We are really pleased to announce that next month a fresh series of network meetings on topics related to Renewable Energy will restart. This is an opportunity to explore community scale solutions such as solar, wind, hydro power and electric vehicles by hearing examples of where projects have worked (and where not) and what learning we can take from them. Bring ideas and plans as well as experience to share with the group. 

The first meeting will cover opportunities for solar panels in your communities, and how to work with local businesses to invest in renewables. This group is focussed on community action and peer learning in Oxfordshire. Other discussion topics, including about community-led energy initiatives, electric vehicle schemes and energy audits, coming up in the near future. 

ESOX – Energy improvements for schools: typical measure & funding options (incl. Salix) I 26/05/2021, 08:30-09:30

Oxfordshire’s buildings are old, inefficient, and constantly wasting energy. In fact, in the UK buildings are responsible for 29% of total carbon emissions– and that includes our school buildings. Not only is this a disaster for the environment, it’s also leaving schools like yours with high energy bills that leave you cutting costs elsewhere, and buildings that are uncomfortable for staff, pupils, and visitors.

Our team of energy experts have visited many schools in Oxfordshire, and we find there are some typical areas in school buildings where energy is lost, and where there is potential to make improvements to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions, and improve comfort. In this meeting we’ll share our learnings on this, as well as on working with local schools to install solar PV panels on their rooftop to generate their own clean energy.

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