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The Mix

The Mix received an OxFutures grant from GreenFund to install an electric heating system to make the space a more welcoming temperature for users.

The Project

The Mix offers skills workshops, upcycling activities, resource swaps, repair cafes, meetings and information; as well as hosting hot-desking and local groups. It aims to provide practical ways to live more sustainably and to bring our local community together, so we are more resilient in the face of economic and environmental challenges.

The motivation for getting in touch with OxFutures and getting an energy audit was prompted by the cancellation of a couple of events over the winter due to the lack of heating and insulation making it a rather unpleasant environment to be in. Even when using plug-in heaters on full blast it wasn’t a warm space and they knew that by implementing several measures they would be able to change the atmosphere and usability of the space for their community.

The three windows at the back of the premises were single glazed and by installing secondary glazing inside the single glazing has reduced heat loss and draughts to help keep the building comfortable in winter. The savings of adding this secondary glazing are, on average, a 10% reduction to heating costs and that heating is 50% of the total electricity bill.

The space at The Mix was originally heated by 3x2kW mobile heaters that were switched on when the building was being used. By changing to an electric boiler heat pack system from Scoop Electrical Services, the space is going to be a much more welcoming temperature for users.

They also installed a radiator in the bathroom rather than a heater as then it comes on with the rest of the system and there’s less chance of it being left on accidentally.

The Mix are always looking at ways to make their business operate more efficiently and with the energy audit they received they will have the knowledge to incrementally implement more efficiency measures as and when they are able.

Give the OxFutures team a call today on 01865 246009, or visit our energy audit page to see how you can save money and energy with a free energy audit and grant funding.

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