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OxFutures grant recipient, Hill End, secures further grant funding

Hill End outdoor learning centre received an OxFutures grant from GreenFund to install secondary glazing in their dormitory buildings. 

Hill End has been offering unique outdoor learning experiences since the 1920s. They are a multi-use site, providing a diverse range of outdoor activities and facilities to schools and organised groups. The site consists of 24 buildings ranging from offices to training and event rooms, residential dormitories and shower blocks. They contacted Ox Futures and the Low Carbon Hub to investigate how much energy they were using and how best they could reduce wastage and improve the experience of their customers at the same time.

“We are turning this business around whilst having low volunteer numbers imposed on us by COVID safety guidance and this makes us very busy. Which is great. It really is a renaissance for us as an Outdoor Education centre.”

David Millin, Hill End

Since the work they completed using the OxFutures grant, the centre has been busy applying to more grants to complete further work and have been successful in two of their applications.

  1. Low Carbon Hub Small Grant – West Oxford Community Renewables has been awarded a small grant of £500 to go towards the dormitories’ energy efficiency at the Hill End Educational Centre (Charity). Following an energy audit by EIE as part of the OxFutures programme it was discovered that the dormitories had no loft insulation at all. This will ensure that the building will be comfortable all year round and the carbon savings will be significant as will the financial savings which can again be used by their charity to support more schools.
  2. Westmill Solar Grant – As part of their expanded community benefit activities, Westmill Solar launched a community grants scheme which Hill End have benefited from. They received a grant of £1,000 to continue to upgrade the buildings they have on site.

“It is great to know that our buildings have had the support of such charities as Westmill Solar and the Low Carbon Hub. When the weather gets colder our visitors will benefit again from the loft insulation that you funded in our main shower block. This block was also protected from the winters frosts due to your support so the energy and repair costs saved will all be invested by our charity in doing more Outdoor Education which is in such a crying need for all local school children’s wellbeing as we come out of COVID and deal with the baggage it has left us.”

David Millin, Hill End

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