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Oxfordshire GreenLab

Oxfordshire GreenLab consists of several research projects taken on by a number of the partners with the goal of increasing knowledge sharing across the county.

Oxford University’s ‘Oxford Martin Program on Integrating Renewable Energy’ project investigates methods of integrating modern renewable energy technologies into national, regional, and local grids. Through OxFutures, the university will use Oxfordshire as the first regional case study for this work with the goal of small / medium enterprises (SME)s making this research a reality for the county.

Bioregional and Oxford Brookes University’s Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development in OBU will build on work already done in Bicester by developing a region-wide case study of their LEMUR energy demand model using two carbon mapping tools, Community Energy Manager and the acclaimed DECoRuM model, which identify areas with high levels of energy inefficient housing and retrofits homes to reduce household energy consumption.

Oxford City Council will collaborate with SMEs and both universities on Oxford’s transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs). Chargers will soon be installed across the city and the introduction of EVs will drastically improve air quality while encouraging renewables through providing a means of storing and utilising locally generated green energy.

The Low Carbon Hub and Bioregional will coordinate knowledge sharing between SMEs and both universities to produce plans for pilot demonstrators of new smart, local energy systems in both an urban and a rural location.

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