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Oxford-based company EZ-Charge are raising funds to create easy-access public charge points

The ground-breaking company EZ-Charge, are currently raising finance via Ethex to make EV ownership and charging easier. With the creation of easy-access public charge points, they are extending the network.

EZ-Charge is an Oxfordshire based charge point operator dedicated to providing reliable and straightforward EV charging infrastructure. The company is owned by Zeta, a business with over 30 years’ automotive electronics and solar solutions experience. Zeta is responsible for the design and manufacturing of the charge points. 

EZ-Charge have partnered with Oxfordshire County Council and the University of Oxford to develop the Park and Charge project in Oxfordshire. The partnership through EZ-Charge will install and operate 280 EV charge points in public car parks across Oxfordshire.

Find out more about the project in this webinar recording.

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