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New findings suggest nearly 60% of Britons are “concerned” about potential blackouts this winter

Last month, the National Grid electricity system operator said in a highly “unlikely” scenario, households and businesses might face planned three-hour outages to ensure that the UK’s grid can cope with the demand.

Although a majority of Britons are concerned at the prospect of blackouts this winter, only around one in ten think it is ‘very likely’ that they will actually happen. In that context it is perhaps unsurprising so many feel unprepared if they do. Therefore, policy makers will have to work hard to help the public prepare for the consequences should the worst case scenario become a reality.

Keiran Pedley, Research Director at Ipsos

A new article from Ipsos with data taken from a representative quota sample of 1,072 adults aged 18-75 in Great Britain has shown that almost 6 in 10 (57%) Britons concerned about blackouts in their area over the winter.

Brits are largely divided over how prepared they feel their household is to cope with potential blackouts this winter; only half feel prepared to cope with potential blackouts in their area if they happen.

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