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Popularity of renewable energy reaches record high

A new survey of public attitudes towards renewables and climate change has revealed that 88% of people support the use of renewable energy – a new record high – and only 2% oppose it.

The percentage of people concerned about climate change remained high, at 83%, while the percentage who said they are ‘very concerned’ increased from 39% to 45%, perhaps reflecting increased awareness of the effects of climate change after record-breaking summer heatwaves and consistently above-average temperatures for most of the year.  

The poll also showed that awareness of the concept of net zero remained high, at 90%.

“Today’s polling shows unequivocally that the overwhelming majority of people want us to build more onshore and offshore wind farms to generate cheap power, increase our energy security and tackle climate change,” said Dan McGrail, chief executive of trade organisation RenewableUK.

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