Creating a low carbon future

OxFutures phase 1 was a four-year programme, grant funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe of the European Union, which leveraged £18 million of investment into local renewable energy and energy-efficiency projects across the city and county.

A new £3.2m grant, consisting of European Regional Development funding and matched funding from partners, will launch OxFutures phase 2, a three-year project to further boost low carbon economic development in the county.

OxFutures phase 2 will increase renewable energy generation by facilitating knowledge sharing between academics, local authorities and small / medium enterprises (SMEs) and encouraging networking between SMEs. There will also be grants available for new products and new start-ups and for part-funding energy-efficiency measures in SMEs . The result will be an improvement in air quality in the city, a reduction in energy bills and CO2 emissions and a boost to the local economy.


Dr Barbara Hammond, CEO of the Low Carbon Hub:

“By making renewable energy schemes a reality in Oxfordshire, we can inspire others across the UK and Europe to do the same.”

Councillor John Tanner, Oxford City Council Board Member for a Cleaner, Greener Oxford:

“This project is fantastic for Oxford and our low carbon future.”

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