Current OxFutures Projects

Investment Fund

The Low Carbon Hub is working with Resonance, Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council to develop a revolving loan fund for major renewable energy and energy reduction projects across the city and county. This will enable timely construction of Low Carbon Hub renewable projects with corporate partners, the public sector and communities.

The first phase of the fund will leverage investment for renewable installations on the public estate and underwrite start-up funding for community energy schemes.

Powering Up

Oxfordshire has a huge potential to “power up” by generating its energy through local renewable sources. Under the OxFutures umbrella, the Low Carbon Hub is leading on community energy. The Hub works with corporate partners, schools and communities to develop finance and manage renewable energy schemes for community benefit.

The Hub’s £12.5 million pipeline of renewable projects includes eight community microhydro schemes along the Thames, solar PV projects on community buildings, a cohort of solar schools, as well as 3.5MW of solar PV with local businesses across Oxfordshire.

Powering Down

Oxfordshire also has huge potential to “power down” by reducing energy use to enable us to save money and live in warmer, more energy- efficient homes. OxFutures aims to make domestic energy savings of 19,600MWh over the next two years.

One of the key aims of this project is to tackle fuel poverty locally. Oxford City Council and the Low Carbon Hub are currently running a pilot scheme in Barton to improve the energy efficiency of local homes.

You can download the evaluation report for the Warming Barton project here.

Public Estate Project

This project will deliver renewables on the public estate. The first phase is the Low Carbon Hub’s solar energy scheme for Oxfordshire schools. Individual schools are struggling to develop their own projects in isolation but by working together the scheme will be able to gain economies of scale and raise funds for groups of school installations at the same time. This will provide cheaper, green electricity for the schools for 20 years as well as an ethical investment opportunity for the wider community.

The project is also exploring renewables on the park and ride car parks and other public sector assets.